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Juchify app for iOS and Android!
Juchify app for iOS and Android!

Dear users,


we are pleased to announce that the Juchify app for iOS and Android devices will be released and launched in the near future!


Read more to find out...

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Announcement for our international users / 给我们的国际用户的公告 / 海外ユーザーへのお知らせ

We're adding this announcement as a possibility of expanding our archive.

To our international users. If you happen to have any Korean music CDs, DVDs, videos, tapes, please do not hesitate to contact us via our e-mail [email protected] We will be more than happy to purchase them from you for archiving purposes.

给我们在中国的朋友。如果你碰巧有任何朝鲜音乐CD、DVD、录像带、磁带,请不要犹豫,通过我们的电子邮件[email protected],联系我们。我们将非常高兴从你那里购买它们用于归档。

日本の友人たちへ。もし、北朝鮮の音楽CD、DVD、ビデオテープ、テープなどをお持ちでしたら、遠慮なく私たちの電子メール([email protected])にご連絡ください。私たちはアーカイブのために喜んでそれらを買い取らせていただきます。

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We're back! (Updated Discord link)
May 28 2022

Woah, that took longer than we initially expected. But we're back, with an even bigger collection of your favourite music from Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

We're still on a hunt for more songs, so the collection will grow bigger every day!

Oh, and by the way - we've launched our Discord server, where you can get notified about upcoming updates and talk to us and other people interested in Korean music. You can join using the following invite link: https://discord.gg/Rjx7taASGu.


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